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Flies By Night


The Mystery of the Indoor Fly

Hey there! It’s your favorite pest detective back at it again. Today, we’re diving deep into the buzzing world of house flies. I know, they’re pesky and annoying, and when you think you’ve outsmarted them, there’s another one circling your sandwich. So, where are these little rascals coming from, mainly when you’ve ensured every window and door is securely shut? Let’s unravel the mystery, shall we?

Sneaky Entry Points: Where do flies come from when windows are closed?

Now, I get it; you’re pretty confident in your fortress of solitude: no window ajar, no door left open. Yet, Mr. Fly still makes an appearance. Here’s the thing: flies are masters of infiltration.

  • Tiny Gaps: Think of the smallest spaces, like the gaps in the window screens or those little nooks and crannies you hardly notice. Yep, they’re potential VIP entrances for flies.
  • Vents and Drains: Natural gas lines, plumbing fixtures, and HVAC and crawl space vents? Flies love these as much as their six-legged counterparts.
  • Brought Inside: Sometimes, you may unintentionally bring them inside – like when you bring in your laundry or fresh produce from the garden.

The Nighttime Habits of Flies: Do Flies Sleep at Night?

Yes! Believe it or not, flies need their beauty sleep, too. Just like us, they have their cycles and rhythms. But the real question is: when do they decide to hit the hay?

Flies Do Sleep: They have several short periods of rest throughout the day and night. So, if you’ve ever wondered if that fly perched on your curtain is taking a nap, you’re probably right!

After Dark Adventures: Where do flies go at night?

Ah, the evening escapades of our winged nuisances. Like we enjoy a cozy bed, flies also have their preferred spots to hunker down when the lights go out.

  • High and Dry: Flies prefer to sleep off the ground, finding tall corners or edges of curtains. They’re also fans of well-lit areas.
  • Close to Food: While they might have a little nightcap before bed, flies sleep closer to potential food sources. That fruit bowl on your table? Prime real estate for a resting fly.
  • Steering Clear of Predators: They may be pests to us, but they’re snacks to other critters. Flies generally opt for places where potential predators like spiders can’t easily reach them.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a brief yet buzzing insight into the life and times of the common house fly. But remember, while knowledge is power, it’s only half the battle. Trust the professionals when ensuring these little buzzers don’t make a permanent reservation in your home.

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