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Do You Need Pest Control in the Winter?

winter pest control in Boise

We have many people ask if pest control is even needed in the winter. The answer is Yes!  In the winter pesky-pests come in where it’s warm and where there’s a food source.  The worst problems are mice and ants (which are also covered under your quarterly program) but spiders also make an occasional appearance.  Spiders do not all die in the winter as some think or there’d be no spiders come spring.  They do slow down into a state called diapause.  Also, remember that during the fall spiders thrive and make lots of little spiders.  They are kept in the egg sacs to remain warm throughout the winter.  We need to have a good barrier down so these little critters don’t make it too far when they start roaming around.  This is how we cut down the influx of spiders that happens in the spring.

I also want to talk about something new and exciting. We have two drones that we recently purchased.  One to check your crawl space for termites, water leaks, insulation, ductwork and trash in the crawl space. For a few dollars more we will give you a USB drive or a scan disk for your files.  This enables us to get into tighter spaces and get a close view of the area we otherwise couldn’t see.  For example, we recently did an inspection in Mountain home for termites. Because of the drone, we were able to get into an area that a human inspector couldn’t, resulting in us spotting a standing water problem in this customer’s crawlspace. They fixed the issue, and we’re grateful to have the information!

Now let’s us talk about our newest drone.  It’s a flying pest control device. We can go to your highest point and get those annoying stinging insect nests. Through this great device, we can expand our service to you. Can you imagine a wasps nest 25’, 30’, even 60’ up?  With our drone, we now have the capability to spray the nest! We are so excited to announce this treatment to get rid of these extremely high nasty wasp nests at your home. Soon we’ll add a video to our web site so you can see this treatment in action.

All of us at Barrier Pest Control want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May you be happy, prosperous, and have a successful 2020.

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