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The War Against Flies!

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Summertime is one of my favorite seasons…. it’s an array of fun outside activities! Swimming in the pool, gardening, and BBQ’ing are just a few. The kids are home and enjoying summer vacation too, but if your kiddos are like mine, they chase each other in and out of the house like a cat chasing a laser pointer! This means one thing…..flies!

House flies are abundant in the summer and are opportunists when it comes to open doors and windows. They love whizzing in and seeking out any food bits left on open counters, sinks, and table tops. Flies are attracted to disgusting things like your trash, rotten food, animal droppings, and more. But those things are not readily available in the home (I hope), so your food will work just fine! Flies actually “taste” their meal through little tastebuds on their feet called Labella. But what makes it even more gross is that they must liquefy their food first.  To do this, they vomit enzymes onto your food to dissolve it enough to drink up. Yuck! 

We all agree flies are gross… but did you realize that they are more likely to spread diseases than even cockroaches? Flies are just dirty, and disgusting insects are attracted to dirty, disgusting things! But they can fly and land on anything, making them more likely to spread all sorts of things!

So let’s talk about how we can reduce the fly issues where you are!

  1.  Inspect all your screens! Repair any rips or tears in your screen, so flies aren’t coming in.
  2. Limit moving in and out of doorways
  3. Pick up pet droppings and seal them up in a bag before tossing them in the dumpster
  4. Do not leave food lying around the home
  5. Invest in a maintenance plan.

Barrier Pest Control offers a fly control program and Commercial Grade fly lights. Preventative measures may not be guaranteed to rid you of all your fly problems, but they can help reduce populations dramatically!

If you live in the Boise area and are battling serious fly issues… don’t cry! Give Barrier a Try! Call today for fast service: 208-463-4533!


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