In the pest-control world, things sometimes get weird. I got this picture from one of our technicians the other day:

None other than a Jerusalem cricket! Jerusalem crickets are common in Mexico and in the western part of the United States. Fairly large, these crickets actually aren’t crickets. They belong to a family of insects that simply look like crickets. Not only does it get weird, but irony abounds.

Not awfully common, people often confuse these with it arachnid Wind Scorpion, as they both kind of have the same color and look.
They’re not venomous, but can inflict a painful bite. They’re nocturnal, and feed on dead, decaying matter.
If the insect situation around your house gets a little weird, or even ironic, give us a call: Irony and weirdness in the pest-control world, especially in the Boise area, are our specialty!