I have been working in the pest control business for over a year now and these last two years in Idaho have been pretty busy. The weather has made the ants, wasps, flies, mosquitos, and elm seed bugs super active. Mild winters make for a very productive spring for the bugs and insects making the job of our technicians a busy one. We have highly trained and educated technicians. They are trained to identify the problem and make the best plan to get the problem under control. They start their  jobs early each morning going over their routes and making sure their vehicles are stocked and loaded with all the proper tools and products needed for the day.  When appropriate, at each customer’s address, they have to check the weather to make sure they are abiding the laws in our state before starting treatments. Upon arrivals they greet the customer by a knock at the door to let them know they are there or if the customer requests, a phone call prior to arrival to see if they have any requests or needs above normal service. As a customer, it is very important to communicate all your needs to the technician so that your services can be completed thoroughly each time. Our technicians are trained to put your family and pets first. Treating your home to keep it safe is important.  Sometimes this is suiting up and going after stinging insects.

Our technicians are my hero, they get paid yes, but my appreciation for what they do and how amazing they all are is limitless! Working in all the elements, suiting up on occasions to remove stinging insects.  That takes courage and perseverance. I applaud all our technicians as I know what gets put on them daily and they show up every day with a smile and a great attitude to do a job most have a phobia about. I have an allergy to bees, wasps, anything that has a stinger so in my eyes our technicians are life savers! Thank you for getting rid of those pesky pests while keeping our customers and their pets safe! Contact Barrier Pest Control today, if you have a pest problem.

Blog Courtesy of Tami of Barrier Pest Control