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Flying Insects Are Coming Out With Warmer Weather


As the weather warms up and all the flying insects are coming out, you may have noticed that the flies have shown up rapidly and in large numbers. The front door at my house is constantly being opened and closed with the kiddos running in and out and potty training our puppy, and this has let quite a few flies into my home. While my daughter does love to chase the flies around and swat them, I am not a big fan of trying to keep up with her and having to clean up all the fly guts she leaves in her wake. It also makes using your outdoor spaces miserable, flies landing all over you or in your food; it does not matter how many times you wave them away, they keep coming back. If my situation sounds familiar, you may benefit from fly control treatments. I had my house treated for the first time this year at the beginning of June, and I love it!

Our fly control treatment is an aerosol bait applied around your doors, windows, and problem areas (such as your garage door or trash cans). Upon request, it can also be used for your interior window frames. Let’s talk about what this treatment does and what you can expect.

It is essential to know that this treatment is bait, so it is a bit tacky and can be visible on darker surfaces; our technicians are aware of this, so they try their best to apply it discreetly on darker homes. Flying insects are challenging to get rid of as they can fly right over the treatment you had applied to your home for the crawling insects avoiding it altogether. The bait we use in your home is an attractant, so it attracts the flies around your home. While attracting flies to your home may sound like a bad idea, I will tell you why this is the ideal way to get rid of the flies.

Once the flies come to the bait, they land on it and then stick their feet in their mouths, the bait is very fast and effective, and the flies die within a few seconds of landing on the bait, so there are no large swarms of flies around your home and the ones that come up to the house are taken care of quickly. If you want to get rid of the bait, a bit of all-purpose cleaner or mild soap and a rag with some water will clean it up. Since the flies eat the bait, it does not last forever and does need to be reapplied; we recommend monthly applications April-September when flies are most active; there is usually no need to have fly treatments done in the colder months.

You may ask yourself how this differs from fly tape or the smelly bags you put outside. The best part about this product is that no smell or gross fly tape is hanging in your house. The flies fall to the ground or windowsill and can be easily wiped away or vacuumed.

As always, all of our products are child and pet safe. So if the flies are driving you crazy, call Barrier Pest Control at 208-463-4533 Monday-Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm to get your free fly control quote today!

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