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Flies Have Descended on the Treasure Valley

house fly

Flies have descended on the Treasure Valley and are unrelenting in their attempts to get into our homes. The only thing worse than flies bothering you while trying to enjoy some time outside is the fly in your house buzzing around and landing on you when you’re trying to take a nap or buzzing around and landing on your dinner.

Did you know that flies live off of a liquid diet because they lack the mouthparts needed to eat and chew food? Because of this they actually have to regurgitate digestive fluids onto food so it will break down and they can drink it. Because of their liquid diet they poop a lot. It is guesstimated that a house fly poops every time it lands. Because of all of the places that they land they come into contact with several harmful bacteria strains like E.Coli and Salmonella. If you need another example of just how gross flies are just look at where they lay their eggs. In order to give the eggs food when they hatch into maggots, flies lay their eggs in decaying carcasses, rotting fruit and feces.

While there are several methods to rid your home of flies it can be both time consuming and disgusting. Let’s look at a few of our options. First we have the fly swapper, an excellent solution for when a fly or two get in the house. Sometimes swatting the fly can be a bit of a challenge since flies have a 360 degree around them and can see you coming from any direction. You could try fly strips if you have several flies in the house or outside the front and back door to keep them from coming in. They are a bit unsightly and gross especially when you have managed to catch a few dozen flies in them.

If you are having problems with flies, please call Barrier Pest Control for our fly treatment. We use an aerosol bait that is applied directly to the house around your doors and windows, we can also treat problem areas like around your trash cans. The bait is odorless to humans however it attracts the flies in your yard to it. Once the flies land in the bait they will put their feet in their mouths and fall to the ground almost immediately. This is a great option to keep flies on the house from staying there or trying to get it and the best part is you don’t have to chase them with a swatter or deal with unsightly fly strips.

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