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Creepy Crawlers

The title speaks for itself. Have you or someone you’ve known experienced (what we know as creepy crawlers) a spider crawling in your mouth whilst dreaming of going to the Bahamas for vacation or even your honey moon? Well, I have. Yes, that is correct, this guy.... read more


My daughter has been in North Carolina for a couple weeks.  Shocked by all the bugs, she’s gone through an enormous amount of bug spray!  One day last week she looked down when she felt a tickle and found a huge cockroach that mistook her leg for an interstate... read more

When Ants Invade!

One ant. One ant is all it takes to scream, “Eureka!” and advise the rest of the colony of available food. Before you know it you’re looking at piles of ants in your house, hustling and bustling, attacking any crumb you’ve left behind. Perhaps the most... read more

Paper Wasps Are Amazing!

Photo Courtesy of Bernard Spragg. NZ   Wow! Paper wasps are amazing! Did you know they use fibers, dead wood, plant stems, and their own saliva to basically make a paper mâché umbrella-shaped nest? They are even waterproof to protect their larvae. These nests are... read more

YIKES!! What is that on my window?!

As spring becomes more definite, and you start watering and fertilizing your lawn more, you might notice the teeny-tiny little red or black bugs in your windows.  Some people mistake them for dirt until they really concentrate on them and realize that they’re moving. ... read more

Beware of Gophers!

It is a common sight in Boise and throughout the Treasure Valley: small piles of loose soil suddenly appear in the middle of your yard-the telltale sign of a pocket gopher.  These gophers are rarely seen and live in tunnels between three and ten inches below the... read more

The Following May or May Not Have Happened…

Today was a great day at work, I thought, as I came to a stop at the light just outside of my subdivision. My customers were happy and my boss was even happier. I’d made a huge sale which meant I’d earned that raise I’d been aiming for. I thought about what I’d do... read more