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What You Should Know About Paper Wasps

From beginning of Spring till hot cocoa and sweater weather, we find countless insects buzzing and crawling around our gardens. One specific insect most of us dread is paper wasps. Did You Know: • Male paper wasps do not sting, only females do. • The only location... read more

Debunking Your Pest Myths

It may come as a surprise but Tithonus did not really shrivel up until he turned into the first cicada bug.  That’s a myth, a Greek one actually.  Okay, maybe it didn’t really surprise you but maybe it will surprise you that daddy-long-legs mouths are not too small to... read more

A Day in the Life of a Pest Control Secretary

I often get asked what I do for a living. Without hesitating, I quickly respond, “I work for Barrier Pest Control!” and they follow up with the usual, “What do you do there?” Oh man, have a seat…this might take a while! To be a Barrier secretary, there are quite a few... read more

How Do Free Retreats Work?

Our goal is to keep your house pest free! That’s why we offer free retreats in or on your home. Wondering how it works? It’s quite simple! If you’re on our quarterly pest control plan visits between your regularly scheduled treatments are free of charge! If you... read more

Taking the Sting Out of Your BBQ

Last week I was called out to to take care of a wasp nest on a BBQ grill (no hamburger for this guy). Little did I know I was actually in for one heck of a ride. On my way out to the customer’s home I started thinking about how I was going to handle this... read more

Creepy Crawlers

The title speaks for itself. Have you or someone you’ve known experienced (what we know as creepy crawlers) a spider crawling in your mouth whilst dreaming of going to the Bahamas for vacation or even your honey moon? Well, I have. Yes, that is correct, this guy.... read more


My daughter has been in North Carolina for a couple weeks.  Shocked by all the bugs, she’s gone through an enormous amount of bug spray!  One day last week she looked down when she felt a tickle and found a huge cockroach that mistook her leg for an interstate... read more