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Clover Mites: Tiny Terrors and How to Tackle Them!

Ah, the clover mite. Not exactly the stuff of horror films, but it is indeed not a welcome sight in your home either. Before you jump to conclusions, let’s set the record straight. Clover mites aren’t out to get you. But their sheer numbers and the telltale red streaks they leave behind can be quite the headache.

clover mite pest control

Meet the Mite

A Mite-y Reproduction Rate

If you thought rabbits had impressive reproductive rates, you’re in for a shock. Each clover mite, and let this sink in, can lay up to 70 eggs. And with a generation lasting just around 30 days, you can imagine the kind of numbers we’re talking about here.

No Harm, Just Nuisance

While they don’t pose any direct threat to you, your pets, or your furniture, they can be a real bother. These tiny creatures can often be mistaken for specks of dirt – that is, until you see them move! And if you happen to squash one? Expect a red smear. Thankfully, that’s pigment, not blood.

The Ideal Cleanup

For those of you reaching for a tissue or a shoe, pause! The best way to handle these critters is by vacuuming them up, specifically with the crevice tool. But remember to dispose of the vacuum bag or canister’s contents responsibly. A sealed container, kept away from the home, works best.

A Helping Hand

Check Your Water Sources

Clover mites are suckers for moisture. Keep an eye on your drains, sinks, and windows. A simple wipe-down post use can make all the difference.

Greenery Be Gone

These mites love their greens. If you have vegetation close to your home, particularly lush, well-fertilized grasses or clover, consider a trim. Maintaining a gap of 1-2 feet between your greenery and your home can be beneficial.

Mite-Proof Your Home

Take a walk around your home. Those tiny cracks in the foundation or gaps in your windows? They’re like VIP passes for clover mites. Sealing these gaps can greatly reduce their entry points.

Plant Smartly

If you’re considering landscaping or making changes to your garden, opt for plants that aren’t clover mite favorites. Juniper, geraniums, marigolds, petunias, and zinnias are excellent choices.

Barrier Pest Control to the Rescue!

Now, while the steps above can certainly help, there’s nothing quite like professional intervention, especially when you’re dealing with an infestation. At Barrier Pest Control, our expertise and commitment to service quality ensure that clover mites are effectively dealt with.

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