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Getting Rid of Spring Clover Mites

Well it is that time of year again that many people start to see a tiny little red bug all over their home called a Clover mite! They look somewhat similar to a tick but these guys thankfully aren’t harmful to people or animals. Clover mites are not blood feeders, but instead feed on plants where they get their nutrition from the juices, from grasses and other common lawn plants. 

They do come in swarms of what seems a million since all of them are female and adult clover mites can live for about two weeks outdoors, as long as the weather is good. If you happen to squish them, they leave a little red mark all over your windows, furniture, etc, which is actually not blood but just a pigment.

These guys often take effort from both your pest control technician and yourself to get rid of. Clover mites are very much attracted to moisture, well fertilized grass/yards and lots of vegetation. So often times you will see them on your windows or places that there is a lot of moisture or water. 

After first calling a Pest Control company to treat them, there are a couple of things that you can do on your end to help maintain/diminish these guys;

  • Keep your lawn/yard cut regularly: Don’t let it overgrow too much
  • Seal windows, doors and any type of foundation cracks in or around the home
  • Keep any type of Shrubbery away from the home at least 1-2ft
  • Fix any areas in/around the home that might have standing water

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