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Paper wasps in Boise at the Columbia Village subdivision

Paper Wasps in Columbia Village: Understanding the Buzz

While in the Columbia Village subdivision in Boise, Idaho, Mike observed the following:  

Welcome to Barrier Pest Control’s informative blog, where we explore the fascinating world of pests and the effective solutions we offer. Today, we venture into the Columbia Village subdivision in Boise, Idaho, to illuminate a buzzing issue – paper wasps. These industrious insects have been quite active, and we’re here to provide you with the knowledge you need to deal with them effectively.

Paper Wasps: Nature’s Architects

Paper Wasps’ Annual Ritual

In the early spring days, the queen paper wasp emerges from her winter slumber, ready to build a new nest. These wasps are known for their exquisite craftsmanship, fashioning intricate, umbrella-shaped nests from chewed wood fibers, giving them their paper-like appearance. These nests serve as their homes and breeding grounds.

Preferred Nesting Spots

Paper wasps prefer to build their nests in covered or protected areas, making eaves and sheltered corners ideal locations. This choice shields them from the elements and offers some privacy. Columbia Village’s abundant eaves and nooks make it an attractive habitat for paper wasps.

Paper Wasp Colonies: A Growing Concern

Population Explosion

As summer progresses into fall, paper wasp colonies can swell to house dozens of individuals. These communal insects work together to protect their nests and forage for food. Their numbers can become overwhelming, posing a challenge to homeowners.

Aggressive Defenders

Paper wasps are not to be trifled with. They are known for their aggressive defense of their nests and will sting intruders repeatedly if necessary. These encounters can be life-threatening for those with allergies or sensitivities to insect stings.


In Columbia Village and beyond, paper wasps can be a formidable pest. But with Barrier Pest Control by your side, you don’t have to face this challenge alone. We’re here to provide reliable, safe, and effective pest control services. Remember, our commitment goes beyond signed contracts; it’s about results and how we treat our valued customers.

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