Rarely are Yellowjackets cute, but this one changed my opinion a little bit. I found this nest the other day: 
 Yellowjackets and Hornets nest in many different places; underground, in crawlspaces, under eaves, attics, ducting, wall voids, sprinkler boxes, or even trees, or shrubs. Basically anywhere they can be out of the weather and undisturbed.

For this time of year, this nest is unusually small, it looks like they got a late start on the year. But make no mistake, this nest is far from cute. If anybody were to get close enough to alarm them, they could end up having a bad afternoon. Yellowjackets and Hornets can both sting repeatedly, and it’s painful.
Whenever you encounter a nest like this, make sure to contact a pest control professional with the proper protective equipment. These are the type of things that you shouldn’t take care of yourself, it could be unpleasant to say the least.