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How We Deal With Bed Bugs

Kirk and I recently did a podcast about (among other things) our experiences in dealing with bed bugs here in Idaho.  As expected, we were all over the place topic-wise.  If you listened you might have heard, ”Geez Kirk, why don’t you stop cutting me off,” or maybe, ”Ok Mike, maybe try not taking a half-hour to spit a thought out.”  Just kidding!  If you listened, you probably thought that, but none of that actually was said.  The most dwelled-upon topic stemmed from the ridiculous situations you find yourself in during bed bug inspections.

I can’t even fully explain some of the uncomfortable things that come up during a bed bug inspection but here is one.  It involves people removing clothing to show us the “bites” on their skin. Immediately my reaction is, “I don’t need to see that!”  After said clothing is back in its proper place we then explain that we are not doctors and we can’t diagnose a bed bug infestation from their bites.  We have to see evidence such as live bed bugs, their husks, or fecal matter.  Then we can diagnose a problem and suggest a treatment plan.

In the beginning: The first 20’ish bed bug inspections I did, I had to suppress the gag reflex before, during, and after each appointment.  The first inspections also included me leaving my appointment zooming straight home, putting every item of clothing in the wash and hollering up the stairs for my wife to bring me a towel so I didn’t walk upstairs in the buff (scaring the children) to hastily take a shower.  There is a gross stigma that comes with bed bugs.  Think about it, a bug comes and sucks your blood at night then hides somewhere near your bed during the day.  This bug then has lots of babies and the problem multiplies quickly from one bug to hundreds.  I’m happy to say that I’m no longer afraid of inspecting for bed bugs.  After completing hundreds of inspections in the Boise area and successfully controlling them, our confidence is at an all-time high.

Naturally, we understand that bed bugs cause real trauma.  The same way an intruder in your home would violate your feelings of safety and security, bed bugs do the same.  I get a lot of satisfaction explaining that homeowners do not have to live with bed bugs.  I will acknowledge that it is strange to dictate to customers with active bed bugs where they will sleep, and how they will deal with all of their belongings.  We explain that it is like a partnership between Barrier Pest Control and the customer.  The customer prepares the home, Barrier treats the home and we dictate to them the rules to eliminate the bed bug infestation for the next few weeks.  We say, “all it takes is one bed bug to survive and the infestation will persist.”  Thankfully, we have a really high success rate.  In fact, the only times that we haven’t succeeded is when customers don’t follow all instructions to the letter.  We’ve learned that home remedies never work and can impede the professional treatment from fully working.  Diatomaceous Earth, I’m talking to you!

If you’re living with bed bugs or are concerned about bed bugs Barrier Pest Control is who you should call for information in the Boise area.

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