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Bed Bugs Don’t Only Hangout In Beds?


It would sure do a lot to curb the transport of these blood-suckers if that was the case but they actually bum rides on all sorts of items to get to their next destination. Let’s look at some possibilities of the spread of bedbugs.

Person A has bedbugs. Quite a few have traveled through the walls into the adjoining apartments on either side. His neighbors don’t realize that they have bed bugs too, but they will soon. A has a few hanging out in the seams and pockets of his clothing. He uses public transportation to get to work. One morning he’s happy that the seats are all occupied. He’s been wanting to sit by the pretty girl he always sees in the mornings. Because they’re both adults and the seats are small he has to sit close to her. The bedbugs are just as excited about this as Person A because now they get to feed on person B. During their 20-minute ride, one crawls into her purse where it hides in a seam and lays eggs. Another hitches a ride on her jacket.

A couple of weeks later B goes to the movies with Person C. They are coworkers in a market research office with a few hundred other employees all sitting cozily in their adjoining cubicles. Over the next few weeks, the bedbugs manage to find their way into other people’s homes via, briefcases, purses, and clothing.

Person C goes on vacation to the Bahamas. He boards his plane and puts his carryon in the overhead compartment. It’s a tight fit with everyone else’s bags but with the stewardesses help they manage to squeeze it all in. With two connecting flights, there’s plenty of time to share bedbugs with the other passengers. He enjoyed talking to Person D but Person E talked his ears off during the second flight. C couldn’t really care less that E is having a garage sale in a few months and that everything he can’t sale will “for sure go on Craig’s List so he can buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend.”

Little did Person F know that they were purchasing a recliner that E had been sitting in every evening to watch his favorite TV shows. Hiding in the cushions and lining were plenty of bedbugs. That’s called a bargain! Buy one get much more.

See how easily bedbugs can transfer from person to person? If you find yourself with these little blood-sucking creatures, don’t dilly-dally. Give Barrier Pest Control a call so we can stop the transfer!

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