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Fleas by Paige G.

Treasure Valley Fleas

All pet owners despise fleas! Unfortunately, fleas are pests that I know better than my kinfolk! I grew up in the south, and these guys are a massive problem for everyone! Because fleas prefer a warm, humid environment, most Idahoans have avoided sharing their lives with these bloodsuckers! However, could our lives become entangled with these vampires because of warmer temperatures and increased humidity in the Treasure Valley? Absolutely!

Fleas are tiny pests with the capability of becoming a massive problem for everyone! Mistakenly, people believe fleas are only found in homes where pets live. This is not the case! Fleas are wingless, flat insects with three pairs of legs, dark reddish-brown in color, with adults growing to 1/8 of an inch in size. They are equipped with biting mouth parts because their survival depends upon feeding on either animal or human blood. To add insult to injury, fleas can infect their host with germs that cause flea-born typhus, plague, or cat scratch disease! Their bites cause itchiness, irritation, and discomfort to their victims! Fleas are a “whole lot of monster” for their small size!

Problems with Fleas

If I don’t have your undivided attention yet, let’s learn more about these tiny pests who promise to cause significant problems for us! As I mentioned, fleas have not always been an essential issue for most Idahoans. This is because their ideal atmosphere includes heat and humidity. Unfortunately, recent weather changes in and around the Treasure Valley are brewing the perfect living arrangements for fleas. Don’t worry; the warmer parts of our country have plenty of fleas to share! Fleas are “survivors” equipped with the perfect breeding cycle that promises to keep their numbers plentiful and successfully increase their presence everywhere! Adult fleas locate an animal or human host. They are not picky either! So there is no fear that you, or your pets, will be discriminated against. Fleas are smart enough to eat first and play later. After consuming their blood meal, compliments of their new host, adult fleas will meet and begin laying eggs in the fur or hair of their new chef! These tiny little treasures will start hatching in 1 to 10 days. Those precious new hatchlings enter their larval stage. For such tiny pests, fleas have a complex lifecycle with four stages. These stages are eggs, larvae, pupa, and adult. Fortunately for fleas, a single female can lay up to 50 eggs daily for around 50 days. So this means a single female flea can produce 2000 eggs in her lifetime. This is “survival of the fittest” at its best when you consider that fleas only live around a week on their host!

The good news is that we quickly become aware of fleas invading our homes. Humans and animals will begin battling small red bites with a considerable itch. Fleas thrive outside your home in tall grass and moist, shady, cool places. Shrubs, leaves, and trees are prime real estate for fleas. Flea larvae burrow deep into fabrics, bedding, and carpeting inside your home. Pet beds are an ideal living arrangement for sure! Now that we know where fleas prefer their time, how do you find them? Surprisingly, it’s easier than you think. You will see evidence of flea dirt or eggs by running your hands through carpet fibers. Flea eggs are tiny white ovals easily seen with a magnifying glass. The bright side is that if you ever thought about becoming a detective, this is your opportunity to try! In the safety of your own home.

Have you Noticed Signs of Fleas?

By now, you are probably scratching and “petting” your carpet! This is great because early detection is essential when dealing with these tiny vampires! Fleas can spread diseases to their hosts, making them miserable and multiplying super fast, causing mass infestations. If you think fleas have invaded your home, there is hope! Please pick up your phone and call us at Barrier Pest Control ASAP! We have a specific treatment plan to rid your home and yard of these miserable pests. Your pets will thank you too!

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