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Elm Seed Bugs – From Europe to your home since 2012

The Treasure Valley is heating up…

elm seed bugs pest control…and all its inhabitants, from the creepy crawlers to the humans, are becoming more active! What does this mean for Barrier Pest Control? Phones are ringing off the hook, our licensed technicians are helping customers feel safer, our office staff is busy meeting everyone’s needs, and our door-to-door sales teams are educating people on how to be happier in their homes and businesses without pests. Barrier Pest Control has been servicing the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas for over 19 years! So, it is safe to say that we know which pests cause you the most heartache as we transition from winter to summer! And all of the seasons in between!

Elm Seed Bugs are a giant menace for everyone as temperatures rise! These insects were first seen in the Treasure Valley in 2012. Every year, hundreds of people call because  “These bugs are taking over my home or business.” Elm seed bugs evolved; they went through military training along the way. These bugs are highly trained and skilled in planning “sneak attacks.” Their soldiers have even won medals for their strategies leading to “Ambushing” their prey. Sadly, their “prey” happens to live in our yards! Elm Seed Bugs enter our homes as a “bonus” to ensure humans know who the boss is…THEM.

Not in MY house!

Now that I have made you feel like a victim of the Elm Seed Bugs, I want to educate you about these omniscient elm seedpests! This insect originated in south-central Europe. The box elder bug is often mistaken for the elm seed bug because they look so similar in appearance. Elm seed bugs are greenish-yellow, and adults are around 1/4 of an inch in size. They have two black stripes along the outer edges of their wing covers and a thin stripe running down the center of their backs. When Elm seed bugs lay on their backs, their bellies are red. During this phase, the Elm Seed bugs look like immature box elder bugs and false Chinch Bugs! With all of you a bit wiser and having a good idea of what Elm seed bugs look like, let the excitement begin!

We will learn how these insects increase their population so quickly, ensuring they have enough soldiers to invade our homes and backyards! So, rest easy and feel confident that there will always be plenty of these guys to enjoy. Elm seed bugs spend the winter months as hibernating adults. They mate through the spring and then lay eggs under the leaves of our elm trees. These guys have three stages in their life cycle: egg, nymph, and adult. The larvae feed on seeds (The Elm tree is their favorite delicacy!) from May to June, making them grow enough to become adults just in time for summer! Once the Elm seed bug becomes an adult, they invade our homes in large quantities, similar to the box elder bug! Unlike the box elder bug, Elm seed bugs are more active and bothersome from mid-June through August.

Elm seed bugs love to feed on Elm seeds and leaves. They have piercing-sucking mouth parts that allow them to cause much damage to your trees.  When these insects show up, they come in massive quantities. To add insult to injury, Elm seed bugs leave ugly fecal stains behind while crawling on structures! Unfortunately, these pests have no issues landing on us and crawling all over our bodies! They are also famous for emitting a terrible odor from their scent glands! Some people claim the smell is similar to bitter almonds.

What is to be done?

Fortunately, for all of you, Barrier Pest Control is here for you! We are one phone call away! Whether it is a residential or commercial property, we have you covered! We have super special service plans just for the Elm Seed Bugs! With over 19 years of experience in and around the Treasure Valley, we know how to protect your property from pests! Call us today for any pest issues! Barrier Pest Control has got your back!

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