In light of one our recent videos on spiders, we felt the need to spotlight a spider that is one of the more unusual that people encounter late in the season in the Boise/Nampa area.  So we are proud to introduce the Cat-Face Spider.  The Cat Face Spider is really an Orb Weaver, as their intricate webs suggest (see picture below).  The Cat Face Spider tends to make its webs near lights and in corners along the outside of buildings. Full-grown females can be quite large and have a combination of odd projections on the abdomen as well as dark indentation markings that some say resemble the ears and eyes of a cat.  Despite their large size and bizarre appearance, Cat-Face Spiders are not poisonous.  It has been our experience that homes and structures close to the Snake or Boise River have more issues with these feline-faced spiders.

As with most any other type of spider, regular pest control treatments along with exclusion methods are important to keeping the Cat Face Spider off and out of your home.