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A Cockroach Minute with Granddad Chris


Hello, it’s Granddad Chris again to talk about pests the Treasure Valley. We are getting a lot of calls about bedbugs, cockroaches, gophers, and whistle pigs. I’d like to focus on cockroaches.  There are several types but the one we see most is the brown-banded cockroach. Supella Longipalpa is the scientific name.  Good luck with pronouncing this! It’s beyond my ability.

Here are some issue’s cockroaches can bring into your home:

Brown-banded roaches can spread approximately 33 kinds of bacteria. They can also carry, six kinds of parasitic worms and at least seven other kinds of human pathogens. They pick up germs as they crawl.  And they don’t always just crawl on clean, sanitized areas.  They prefer to crawl through sewers, decomposing matter, and waste. Then they carry these to food or food surfaces. Did you know that cockroach allergens can actually cause allergies and exacerbate asthma attacks?  True fact!

There are many ways cockroaches can come into the home:

  • Purchases from a street vendor.
  • Purchasing from a yard sale.
  • Purchases from a thrift store.

Cockroaches may even come in on trucks to the grocery store and then be transferred to you in containers. With a plethora of products, fruits, and vegetables, cockroaches can hitch a ride and be relocated to the store and then your home. We suggest inspecting products thoroughly as you load them into your cart and again as you unload them into your home. If you ever suspect cockroaches, please give us a call!

This is Granddad Chris signing off. Make it a great day!

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