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Winter Treatments

cold weather pest control

It’s inevitable… temperatures around the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas have started to plummet. For most people, colder weather means hoodies, blankets and football games. For those of us in the pest control business, we realize there is a different, not so warm and cozy side effect from the change in temperature. An abundance of pests trying to come inside your home. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame them one bit. If I had a choice of crawling under a rock or hiding under your rug, I’d choose the rug every time!

So what can be done to help prevent unwanted guests from moving in and setting up a permanent stay in your home? For one thing, make your home less suitable for pests. Insects like ants are searching for comfortable digs that offer room service in the way of your toddler’s stray crumbs. Your pet dishes also offer a smorgasbord of delightful kibble treats. Another overlooked, but widely sought after amenity in the world of pest real estate is water! Leaky pipes under sinks and in laundry rooms create exactly the right amount of moisture for thirsty pests like mice and other creepy crawlies. Lastly, there must be vacancies! Gaps, where your A/C line and any other plumbing fixtures run into the home, should be filled in and sealed completely. Weatherstripping can be installed under the man doors and overhead garage doors. Be sure your windows and vents are sealed and weatherproofed as well!

So you’ve made your home less inviting, what other steps can you take to insure your arachnophobic wife that the spiders won’t just drop in? Stay on top of your Quarterly Pest Treatment. Don’t let the cooling temps trick you into thinking it has “killed off all the bugs”! We hear it all the time from people. If cold temperature really did kill the pests, why would we get the influx of them in the spring when it warms up? Trust me when I say, they don’t magically appear when the temperature hits 50 degrees! Good grief! Keeping a constant protective barrier on your home, spring, summer, fall, AND winter, will help protect your home from pest invasions.

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