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Why So Many Bugs?!

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I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that everyone in the Treasure Valley has felt an influx of pests and rodents getting into their homes and work places! The heat is definitely not one to help our situation either, coaxing everything from Ants to Earwigs to pesky Box Elder, or Elm Seed Bugs into our living quarters where we live, play and Eat! I certainly do not agree with the presence of these critters especially around where I enjoy my dinner every night! Many Insects emerge from a deep Winter resting phase around spring and summer times and begin their adult life stages. They tend to be highly mobile and hungry and have no issue making a home in your house (rent free)!

At Barrier we offer a range of different ways to treat and take care of pests, but our treatments wont be as effective if you allow your home to be an Insect Air BnB with no move out date!

Bugs are attracted to standing water, trash, piles of wood, bushes, bird seed, and Mr. Fluffies name brand pet food that they’ve left conveniently on the floor. They tend to seek cracks, crevices, and entry points in your home that offer an opportunity to escape to the outdoors if they need a quick get away.

Here are a couple of things that you can do to keep your place insect free!

  1. Seal around all Doors, Windows, Cracks and Crevices in/around the home: Very important with older homes that may have more openings than most
  2. Remove all Moisture by fixing leaks since standing water attracts a lot of different bugs
  3. Clean up after your pets! Don’t let stray food sit out for too long on the floor after your animals have eaten
  4. Keep a Tidy House and Yard! Nothing says “Welcome Home” Like crumbs/debris all around the house and backyard for the insects to live and dine in

Doing these things along with one of our Quarterly Pest Services will surely have you living in a bug free paradise this summer! What will you do with no bugs around?

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