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Why Hire a Professional When It Comes to Pest Control?


Millions of Americans are affected by a plethora of pests every year. Although some are simply a nuisance like springtails and clover mites, others have been known to cause millions of dollars in damage or put our health at risk. The question for most is whether to battle the pest problem themselves, or hire a professional! There are benefits if you’re considering a professional! Often times, they’re able to show the homeowner areas where pests are gaining access into the home and depending on the company, they may even be able to provide exclusion work on the home to help reduce entry points. They can also identify pests, potential dangers that they may carry, and provide a safe treatment plan to help eliminate the pest problem. Let’s look at a couple of examples!



If you’re like me, the thought of a fly landing on a morsel of food I’m about to put in my mouth is enough to make me lose my appetite all together! House flies are a nuisance in every state across the US, and multiply quickly! Females can lay up to 150 eggs at a time which is 149 more than I can stand! They are known to cause food poisoning and even Dysentery not to mention they drive people crazy! Folks have relied on the trusty fly swatter for years, but it always feels like a downhill battle. For those that have evolved from the caveman days, there are great products your pest control company carries, that can be applied inside as well as outside the home to stop them dead in their tracks!



Another pest we are hearing more and more about these days are Bedbugs! A recent study found that 1 in 5 Americans will encounter bedbugs. In the Boise area and surrounding Treasure Valley, we hardly ever heard of these blood-sucking little pests 10 years ago. However, today is a whole different story. We get calls daily from people in all areas, they’re not prejudiced… they don’t care about your age, culture, financial or cleanliness. They want a warm body regardless! Aside from apartments, single-family homes and hotels rank high in bedbug infestations. Recently, college dorms, daycares, and nursing homes are also becoming commonplace to find them. Don’t bother with the home remedies here. These pests need the big guns! Heat treatments are a common method however, they aren’t always successful. Chemical treatments done by a professional applicator have lasting effects and are safe and less expensive.


So if you’re feeling up to the task of battling pests yourself, I wish you the best! But if you’re ready to pass the torch off to the professional, call Barrier Pest Control today at 208-463-4533!

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