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Why Have Termites Been an Afterthought in the Treasure Valley?

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When I began working in Pest Control some 10 years ago, there were several pests that stood out as problems. Spiders, ants, wasps, and mice were the most commonly reported, while cockroaches and bed bugs were the most hated. However, one pest was noticeably absent from those lists – termites. Termites have often been an afterthought in the pest presence in Idaho. But, why? Why are these destructive creatures so much of an afterthought for people in Idaho when thinking about pests?

The particular variety of termite in Idaho is not as likely to affect homes. Idaho is home to Subterranean Termites; these are termites that nest beneath the surface of the earth. They develop large colonies that feed on wood that is well within their reach. Termites require a high level of moisture around them to survive. Nesting in the ground allows them to maintain the moisture level at a proper amount without too much difficulty. To effect a home, termites have to leave the safety of the ground to get to the wood. In order to venture out, they construct mud tubes that allow them to maintain their preferred moisture level and move toward food.

Because these creatures are ground based and require such a specific environment to thrive in, preventing infestations can be relatively simple. Your number one mission is to keep wood as far away from dirt as possible (ideally 3 inches or so). To perform a basic inspection, check the foundation wall around your home and make sure there is sufficient space between your siding and the ground. If your home is built with a crawl space, check to make sure all of the wood is on top of concrete. Avoid using wood bark mulch in flower beds near your home, because this can attract termites. If you discover what you think is an active issue, call Barrier Pest Control. We can accurately identify termite activity and give you treatment options that fit your needs.

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