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Why Get Professional Pest Control Year Round?

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There’s nothing worse than having to live with many small (or large) pests inside your home. I don’t know anyone that isn’t an avid bug collector that enjoys the company of creepy crawlies in their living space. Here in Idaho we see a range of different insects, some that stay year round and others that appear only for certain seasons.

Oftentimes with the work we do, we get the question of why should you have pest control all year round?

This is an excellent question. Before working here I always assumed that all bugs die or hibernate in the winter and come back to torture us in the spring. Many insects do in fact die in the winter, leaving behind eggs while others hibernate in the ground or on trees.

In order to keep them out of and away from your home, it is important to keep a barrier on the house or business at all times of the year; these are some of our reasons:

Different pests arrive each season: We want to make sure that when the clover mites come in the Spring, or the Spiders attack in the summer that there is a strong barrier on your home to protect against them!

Insects and rodents pose real health threats if left untreated: If you’ve ever seen an episode of Hoarders you know just how bad pests can get out of hand if not properly taken care of. We at Barrier do not want you to get the chance to star in the next Bugs Gone Wild movie! That’s why we apply a Barrier every 3 months to help keep you and your loved ones safe in your own homes.

Many at home pest treatments only attack surface level problems: If you’ve ever had an Ant problem, thought you got rid of them just for more to show up somewhere else you know how frustrating it can be for both your home life and your sanity. One of the reasons is because you are only attacking the workers, and the real issue is still thriving below. Our products are much stronger than what your average Joe can buy at Walmart or Home Depot and do a lot more damage. That’s why we have to get guys licensed just to apply the stuff!

Pest Control is needed during the Winter months just as much as the summer months: Even though Jack Frost has come to town and no one would be caught dead in shorts or a T-Shirt, there is still activity going on below the surface. That’s why we need to keep a strong Barrier applied so that when bugs emerge in the spring we can make sure there is something there to protect against them.

And last but not least, less worry about bugs in the home: I never enjoy it when I am minding my own business doing the dishes or taking a shower and a random spider decides he wants to join the party. No thank you! Leave it up to the bug guys to keep your life PEST FREE! We are more than happy to take that stress and worry off of your plate so you can focus on the important things, like your kids or making your 10th plate of Brownies this week!

Whatever pest issue you may have, we at Barrier are dedicated to helping you solve it! If you experience a problem on or inside your home or structure in between regular services, simply give us a call! Free of charge we will get out and get you pest-free…as many times as it takes!

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