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Why Do We Have So Many Bugs This Year?

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If you’ve asked yourself why there are so many bugs this year, especially in the Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley areas, you’re not alone! Just today, I had two customers express concern that their last pest control treatment wasn’t applied well. That perhaps, just maybe, the technician didn’t do nearly everything he should have or was new at his position. Rest assured, our awesome technicians follow the sale protocol for each application. Wipe down, spray & granulate. Just like a line from one of my favorite childhood movies, “Wax on, Wax off”…it’s ingrained into each one of them over and over. At times there is a slight variation from job to job depending on whether there are free-range chickens (no granules!), ponds, water features or other special concerns.

So why the seeming overabundance of bugs this year? There is a multitude of reasons why some pests seem to be worse every few years. One explanation is the weather. Warmer winter months allow pests to flourish without a doubt. Although it’s a common misconception that bugs die in the winter, the colder, harsher months do seem to impact the population, more than likely because they have a slower start in the spring. Warmer winter months allow pests to become active earlier in the spring and cause a higher population throughout the year.

Other factors can also play a role in insect populations: Birds, landscaping, food sources neighbors who don’t treat for pests, nearby fields and construction can all affect the abundance of creepy crawlies.

The next time you see a spider crawling across your patio, or those ants marching one by one, don’t jump to conclusions that your pest control technician isn’t applying your treatment correctly! Ask yourself if you swept the kitchen floor today or if the lawn and bushes need a trim! And remember, your home is always protected and guaranteed with Barrier Pest Control!

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