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What Will Happen if My Cat Eats a Poisoned Mouse?

I thought I saw a pussy cat! I did! I did!
Rodents such as mice have lived in most parts of the world ever since people started creating trash and waste. Although it is possible for them to live on their own in the wild, they prefer living amongst us humans since we have more than enough food waste to fill their little bellies, and since it’s pretty easy for them to get. Walk down any street or up to any house and there is always trash galore.

Although to some they can be cute, there is no question that the desire to keep them out of our homes and offices has been there for a long time. Thankfully in more recent years we have been able to come up with a variety of traps and baits to help keep it that way. Because there are new traps/baits to help manage these critters, it raises another question;

Q). What will happen if my cat eats a mouse that’s eaten from this bait?

As we all know, any outside cat loves to hunt any type of prey that’s within their reach, whether that be birds or rodents but they especially love mice. A mouse that has eaten mouse bait will soon become weak and be easy for a cat to catch. This is actually common enough that there is a name for it; secondary rodenticide exposure. This poses the question; will the cat then become poisoned if he eats a poisoned mouse?

Here at Barrier we get this question a lot. Many people chose to live with mice problems in and around their home in fear that Fluffy might eat a poisoned mouse and become ill or worse… We want to make it clear for anyone with pets that live or hunt outside that it would take a cat eating a few dozen mice to do any harm to themselves.

A). If a cat was to eat a mouse, the amount of poison that the mouse would’ve consumed would not be nearly enough to do any harm to the cat.

When a mouse comes and eats from one of our bait stations they eat a very small amount, an amount that is enough to hurt a tiny rodent, but not a big kitty. You shouldn’t have to deal with the stress and problems from having mice in your home, so rest easy! Fluffy can continue his nightly prowls, and you can sleep peacefully with the knowledge that Barrier has your back and your cat!

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