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What To Do If Earwigs Invade Your Home

Throughout my experience of dealing with people who are dealing with pests, there are a myriad of perspectives people have about them. Some people are ardent advocates of spiders. Others are frustrated by the most innocuous ants. Others yet are indifferent toward pests. However, one pest that seems to be universally hated is the earwig.

Earwigs are odd creatures to observe. From their shiny almost slimy looking exoskeleton, to their large pincers, to even the way they seem to pop up out of nowhere when you are bringing in produce from the garden, earwigs are simply icky. As a small child, some of my worst experiences with bugs came from earwigs. Either they were crawling on me, hanging out in my bathtub, or generally within my line of sight which drove me wild.

For some reason, this year the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas have been blessed with an abundance of earwigs. Whether from the mild Winter or the prolonged Spring that was especially wet, from Melba to Emmett and from Fruitland to Mountain Home, we have been getting a ton of calls about earwigs. While they are relatively harmless creatures to us humans, I certainly understand and am happy to answer the call for help from our customers.

As a homeowner, here are some tips to help keep the earwig population down around your home. First, limit the amount of moisture in the area directly around your home. Make sure that you are not overwatering and remove items that may hold an abundance of moisture from the perimeter of your home. Wood piles and landscaping mulch are common areas for earwigs to hang out. Additionally, make sure your landscaping is properly trimmed back.

Second, inspect around the foundation for any cracks and crevices where earwigs are likely to hide during the day. Check around doors and windows spots that may need to be sealed up better. Sealing up these cracks will reduce harborage and access for the creatures and make your home a less inviting place to visit.

And finally, make sure you have a professional pest control service (e.g. Barrier Pest Control) providing regular service. Removing moisture and sealing up your home will help keep the pests out, but consistent treatment will help to limit the number of pests that may attempt to foray into your home. Our technicians know what it takes to keep earwig numbers down and make sure that each customer is getting a 5-star service every time! Call us at 208-463-4533.

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