Though insect & spider pressures in the Boise/Nampa/Meridian areas are certainly lower during the winter months, there are some significant things to understand about them that are both interesting and necessary to understand in order to provide proper controls.  Why is ‘proper control’ necessary?  So you don’t have to live with spiders and insects inside or on your house!  Here is some info:

Spiders and Insects (especially ants) are active inside your house even during the wintertime.  Though it may be cold outside, inside temperatures are a wonderful 68-72 degrees; wonderful for us, and also wonderful for bugs and spiders.  Ants, in particular, can be very active indoors during the wintertime.  Food, Water, and suitable habitat are abundant in almost every home.

Some insects overwinter in a state called diapause, similar to hibernation in mammals.

Amazingly, some insects even build up their own form of antifreeze (glycerol) in their bodies to keep them from freezing.

Some spiders and insects find harborage in sheltered areas, even underground.  Mulch, tree holes, loose soil, crawl spaces, attics, near foundations, etc. are all potentially suitable locations for overwintering.

Methods during the winter change slightly, but pest control treatments in Boise, Meridian, & Nampa areas are vital to get at these spiders & insects, active or dormant.