Rock chuck pest control

What are rock chucks and what do they do? The proper name for them is “Yellow Bellied Marmots” or the scientific name is Marmota Flaviventris. The more important question is what will they do to my property?

They eat both meat and greens. Most of their diet is grass and plants (like your garden flowers). They will also feast on grasshoppers and bird eggs.

They are anywhere form 3 ½ – 11 pounds and burrow under the ground. Their hole is anywhere from 4” to 6” in diameter and they leave a mound of dirt behind when they dig their home.

They are known to stay on a property until they have eaten all they want before moving on. If you have lots of vegetation, they’ll likely be around for a while and eat all you have to offer.

So, how do I get rid of the pesky animal? Contact Barrier Pest Control ASAP! We can identify that you have rock chucks and begin trapping them. We will come set our traps and we’ll also remove them from your property. The longer you wait the more damage they do to your garden, plants, and flowers. So don’t hesitate to call Barrier Pest Control today! 208-463-4533.

Blog Courtesy of Chris at Barrier Pest Control