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What Are Earwigs And How Did They Get Their Name?


Did you know that earwigs got their name from an old myth? It states that if you slept on the ground an earwig would crawl into your ear, lay their eggs and tunnel into your brain causing you to go insane. Of course this is just a myth thank goodness. None of us like earwigs but if this were true they would be truly terrifying.

Unfortunately earwigs do tend to live in large groups and if you find one you are sure to find may very close by. They are nocturnal so we tend to come across them more in the evening however it is not uncommon to come across them during the day either. Earwigs like to live in moist dark areas. Usually all you have to do is pick up an object in your yard like a rock, flower pot or tarp and you will find several hiding from the sun.

Strangely, earwigs are amazing moms. Unlike most insects who do not stay with their young earwigs stay with the hatched infants until they are able to feed and defend themselves. This is just one more reason that you tend to find earwigs in such large quantities.

Earwigs burrow up so six feet underground in the winter and hibernate, but they would prefer to squeeze into any cracks and crevices they can find and hibernate in your home, so please remember that your fall and winter treatments are critical if you want to avoid an earwig infestation in the spring.

Earwigs can be devastating to plants and gardens and are frequently found in the sinks and bathtubs of out homes so if you are having an issue with earwigs please give Barrier a call to come out and take care of the problem. You can reach our office at 208-463-4533 Monday – Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm.

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