Voles have become an ever increasing problem in the Boise, Idaho area.

Here are some pictures of some bait stations placed at Carriage Hill Subdivision in Nampa, Idaho.

Voles in Nampa Idaho2Voles in Nampa Idaho

Voles this year have been a scourge, and we have noticed significant increase in activity in all areas of the Boise area.  Earlier this year, it was even reported that plague was found on some dead specimens of voles and prairie dogs, so this is not only a landscape problem, but one of human health.

Voles, or Meadow Mice are like field or house mice but just a bit longer:

Dead Vole

They infest grassy areas, and create unsightly holes and runways in landscaping.  Keeping grass trimmed and maintained is a preventative method, as voles are prey animals and do not like to be out in the open for a predator (like a hawk or cat) to see.  Trapping and baiting are the easiest and most effective control methods.