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The Voles are Back to Destroy the Yard!

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Imagine sitting outside with your family. Everyone is enjoying a peaceful afternoon together. When all of a sudden, you hear Grandma scream! You rush over to check on her, but Grandma is down for the count! What could have happened? Then, it hits you like a cold bucket of water on a hot summer day…

The voles are back to destroy the yard. So many of us are battling this dilemma in the Treasure Valley. I will share with all of you a few fun facts about voles. These same facts are what make voles so destructive.

Voles are part of the natural order of things in the landscape. When these guys choose to move into our backyards, looking for food and shelter, they will cause extensive damage. (Poor Grandma!) The area surrounding where you live determines what type of vole has decided to squat in your backyard. Voles that forage underground tend to be found more often at the edges of forested land; therefore, the native habitat for voles surrounds people who live in wooded subdivisions. Every year, young voles leave their family nests and tunnel to find their own territory. If you want to provide voles with the perfect atmosphere, they love establishing new colonies in freshly planted greenery and mulch!There are 23 species of voles throughout the United States. The eight most prevalent species cause significant damage to yards and landscapes. Voles live in colonies. How many are in just one colony? Usually, there are two adults, several juveniles, and a nest with up to five babies in just one colony! These pests multiply fast, and a below-ground foraging vole colony will often occupy an area of 40 feet surrounding their burrow entrance. WOW! An above-ground foraging vole colony can occupy a space of 100 feet surrounding their burrow entrance. These areas are filled with tunnels and holes that can destroy your landscapes!

To add insult to injury, unlike many other small mammals, voles do not hibernate; voles are always on the job, remain active all year, and can have five litters each year. In warmer climates, they reproduce all year long; this guarantees that we will not have a shortage of voles any time soon!Luckily, Barrier Pest Control has 18 years of experience dealing with voles in the Treasure Valley! We have service plans available to help you combat your vole issues. For Grandma’s sake, give us a call!

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