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The Initial Flush Out

The first service in our Quarterly maintenance program is called the initial flush out.  Here is what your first service will look like with Barrier.
Spider web and wasp nest removal and exterior inspection
To give our best service to our Idaho customers, we start up in the eaves removing the wasp nests and siding removing all these spider webs. If you let spider webs and wasp nests get established, it basically becomes a permanent fixture on your home, making your house look bad and then they can eventually come inside. We’ll eliminate all of the webs and nests first.

Exterior liquid Barrier

We’ll then treat up in the eaves with a spray so that the wasps can’t come back. We’ll treat all the pest entryways into your home like the seams in the siding, around doors and windows, all cracks and crevices, and 3 feet up from the base and 5 feet out around the entire perimeter of the home. This will eliminate the spiders nesting on your home and their webs.

Exterior Granular Barrier

We’ll give your perimeter an extra layer of protection by adding a 10 foot wide granular barrier around the entire perimeter of the home. This covers all of the grassy and flowerbeds around the perimeter. This will give you two layers of protection from the bugs outside so they won’t come inside.

Crawlspace Application

If your crawlspace is vented we will actually treat down there to eliminate the spiders and earwigs and other creepies underneath your house. All the little buggies down there like the black widows and hobo spiders use your crawlspace as a staging ground to get into your home. If you’ve ever wondered why you still have bugs after your home is treated, it’s because of the crawlspace is the most common places that spiders and earwigs like to hang out. We will give you a clean start underneath with our initial flush out service which is way more thorough than our competitors.

Interior Barrier

Also an additional service we provide is the interior of the home. We’ll treat the baseboards and around windows and doors with a completely safe and effective application. This will eliminate the bugs already inside your Idaho home.

Garage Barrier

The garage treatment will flush out any existing bug and spider problems in the garage and also leave a residual so the bugs won’t come back.

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Service Area (Southwest Idaho)

Our pest control services are also available in Boise, Garden City, Eagle, Emmett, Meridian, Kuna, Nampa, Melba, Middleton, Star, Marsing, Homedale, Caldwell and Mountain Home.