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That Woman Who Swallowed The Fly

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There was an old woman who swallowed a fly.  I don’t know why she swallowed a fly.  Perhaps she should have had a fly treatment from Barrier Pest Control!

In my childhood imagination the lady swallowed the fly (thinking it was a raisin) and then panicked, sure she’d die because it had been hanging out with cows and she was sure to get a serious disease from poo germs that would melt her tongue and belly, so she swallowed the spider to catch the fly!  (I may have a slight aversion to germs and therefore flies.)

Speaking of flies, have they been terrible at your house lately?  Not to brag or sound like a punk but neener-neener—I mean—not at my house.  I’ve had Barrier Pest fly treatments for the last couple of months.  After the first treatment, it looked like fly-armageddon!  Within minutes of that first treatment, there were a plethora of dead flies all over the base of my home.

We love to go out in the yard in the evenings.  We hang out in the hot tub or eat on the patio and the last thing we want is a hundred flies buzzing us while we’re trying to relax.  Flies were becoming a problem since they love my dog who just eats and poops and eats and poops, all day.  It was fly heaven!  But no more!  Thanks to my Barrier Pest fly treatments.  I can pop raisins in my mouth with no worries that I may accidentally eat a fly.  Thank heavens!  Cause I don’t think I could handle swallowing a spider to catch the fly!

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