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Thanksgiving, Children & Mouse Pears!

Thanksgiving and mice…what good could possibly come from that combination? The last thing I care to see on a normal day is a mouse scurry by on my kitchen floor. And it would be especially embarrassing and mortifying to have it happen on Thanksgiving when my mother-in-law and 20 other guests are drooling over a a piping hot and juicy turkey waiting to be carved! You’d better believe I’d be calling Barrier Pest Control and scheduling a treatment to annihilate those furry little germ carriers!

Thankfully, I’m not referring to the live, destructive, gnawing mice that make their way into our homes. I’m actually talking about the delicious, juicy, child friendly appetizer that is more than welcome at any family gathering! I’ve heard them called all sorts of things, but my family calls them Mouse Pears. They are the perfect little treat to occupy those “little helpers” who desperately want to be involved in the preparations of any holiday feast. With just a few easy ingredients, you can set your children down at the table and they will stay out of your hair….errr… pleasantly busying themselves with these delectable treats!!! Thus, allowing a busy mom to not burn the green bean casserole!

So what do we need you say? Lets get a grocery list started:

1. 2 cans of pear halves
2. Almond slices for ears
3. Chocolate chips or raisins for eyes
4. Black licorice cut into thin strips for the tail

A slight variation is fine, as long as it resembles a mouse…you get the idea! I recommend allowing each child to have their own plate of “ingredient supplies.” Trust me, four children, and 13 years of daycare teaching later, you’re going to want to follow that suggestion! When it’s all said and done, your children will be happy that they got to be part of the holiday preparation, you will have one less appetizer to find time to make, and hopefully it will have allowed enough time for you to whip up that amazing dish that everyone asks you to make!

Appreciate those little moments, and be thankful for the blessings around us! (One of those blessing being that if you need pest control for real…Barrier Pest Control is just a phone call away!) Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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