Trina here, Office Secretary at Barrier Pest Control.
I have to confess, I’m a grown woman (not telling which decade of years I’m in but lets just say I’m thinking of going back to velcro shoes just for the sake of oxygen intake).  And today I played like a toddler.  Not with a toddler mind you.  With a fellow co-worker.  Today we made two things.  First we made these funny, googly, wiggly spiders and second we made fools of ourselves.  And no judging, I’d do it again… I said no judging!
Now, I’m not trying to promote immaturity or regression but I do promote good lung care (refer back to first sentence).  And laughing this hard I’m sure was good for my lungs.  I’ve not laughed this hard for a long time.  So I’ve drawn the logical conclusion that Styrofoam spiders, are good for your health.  
*These results have not been confirmed by a respiratory physician…or anyone else for that matter.  
I’d be happy to share instructions to healthier lungs!
Step 1  Paint styrofoam black- or be creative and use a different color.  Let dry completely.
Step 2  Shape and insert 8 legs into the styrofoam body.  We did 4 on each side.
Step 3  Glue on googly eyes. 
Step 4  Cut strips of paper to create bows or eyebrows.  You can attach 1 or 2 bows above the
             eyes or a bowtie under the mouth.  
Step 5  Draw and cut out mouth and attach with glue.
Step 6  Attach a ribbon
Step 7  Play, laugh hard, breathe well!
*If all spiders looked this cute we’d be out of the pest control business! 
These spiders are PERFECT for a halloween decoration. Let us know how yours turn out on our Facebook Page!
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