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Stinging Insects in Boise

Hi, this is Chris from my little corner of Barrier Pest Control. I thought we’d talk about flying, stinging insects for a minute or two.

wasp pest control

Wasps are those flying, stinging insects that make honeycomb-like nests that stick to walls, eves, fences, patio covers and anywhere else on the house. They can be very small or quite large up to 3” to 4” in diameter. We spray and knock down accessible nests. If they aren’t accessible we may need to re-adjust our plan. Once we get rid of the nest the hope is that they won’t build again! Is it a guarantee that they won’t build in the same place again? Unfortunately no. We don’t control their sense of direction or housing plans.  But if you’re a quarterly customer and they do build an accessible nest again anywhere on your home or property, we will happily come back free of charge to spray and knock down their new nest. Hopefully, they’ll get the message and move on!  Just let us know they’re at it again and we’ll come to show them who’s boss!

hornet pest control

Hornets are black and yellow stinging insects that tend to create exposed aerial nests. These nests are usually gray in color and become very large-four inches to a couple of feet. They typically hang from the home or trees. As soon as you notice one it’s wise to call so we can get rid of it for you. Hornets are aggressive and we require our technicians to wear a bee suit when taking care of these.

yellowjacket pest control
Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jackets are sometimes confused with hornets. Their nests are usually in the ground. The holes are small in size and you can watch them fly in an out. It can be very difficult to kill in-ground nests. Again the technician will wear a bee suit to keep from being stung during the treatment.

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