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Stinging Insects in Boise

Stinging Insects in Boise: A Buzzkill We Can Handle!

Hello, Boise! Today, I’m here to share some more knowledge. And our buzzing topic? Flying, stinging insects!

Wasps: More Than Just a Nuisance

Wasps love to settle in our homes and build those distinctive honeycomb-like nests you might’ve seen sticking to walls, eves, fences, and even patio covers. These nests can range from tiny specks to structures reaching 3” to 4” in diameter.

Barrier’s Approach to Wasps

Here at Barrier, our strategy is straightforward. We focus on:

  • Spraying and removing nests that we can reach.
  • If some nests prove tricky, we recalibrate our action plan.
  • Aiming to ensure these critters don’t make a repeat appearance.

Now, can we guarantee a wasp-free property forever? Let’s be real. Mother Nature has her plans, but here’s our promise: for our valued quarterly customers, should these winged rebels build another accessible nest on your property, we’ll return and deal with it at no extra charge. Your home is your castle, after all!

wasp pest control

Hornets: The High-Flying Threat

Boasting their unmistakable black and yellow, hornets have a flair for drama. They construct large, gray aerial nests ranging from four inches to several feet, usually suspended from homes or trees.

Dealing with the Aerial Acrobats

They might be intimidating, but don’t panic:

  • As soon as you spot one of their nests, give us a shout.
  • Hornets have a feisty nature. Our technicians come prepared in bee suits, ensuring their safety.
  • At Barrier, we aim for swift and effective hornet eviction.
hornet pest control

Yellow Jackets: The Ground Dwellers

Often mistaken for their hornet cousins, Yellow Jackets have a unique home preference: the ground. If you’ve noticed tiny holes with these critters zipping in and out, you’ve got a Yellow Jacket residence on your hands.

Tackling the Underground

These pests can be tough, but we’ve got your back:

  • We identify and target in-ground nests.
  • Our experts gear up in bee suits before diving into the action to ensure absolute safety.
yellowjacket pest control
Yellow Jacket

Your Stinging Insect Solution

Concerned about these aerial adversaries? Trust me, you don’t need to be. Just buzz us at Barrier Pest Control, and we’ll get you sorted. With our impeccable standards and unwavering dedication to delivering only the best, you’ll soon see why many Boise residents love partnering with us.

So, if a stinging insect problem is bugging you, don’t wait! Reach out to us at (208)463-4533 and let Barrier Pest Control take the sting out of your problems.

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