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Spider Webs – By Kirk Dean

There is only one time of year when spider webs on your home make you look like an awesome decorator…..during Halloween.  After the Halloween dust settles and candy overdoses have come and gone, spider webs on your house are no longer cute.

Sweeping down cobwebs throughout the year is a pain, and is a gift that keeps on giving.  Remember that on our quarterly pest control plan, we’ll sweep off your siding for you, treat the exterior to kill spider populations, and then maintain your homes newfound cleanliness by making sure they stay off!

After sweeping down thousands of webs in the Boise area, we have become spider web connoisseurs of sorts; we can even tell what kind of spider is infesting by the webs they make.  Here are three examples:

Black widow spider:

Black Widow Spider & Web
Black Widow Spider & Web

As you can see, Black widow spider webs are a knotted, gnarly, sticky mess.  If you see webs like this one, you probably have a black widow spider nearby.

Yellow Sac Spider:

Yellow Sac Spider & Nest
Yellow Sac Spider & Nest

This spider is very common to the Boise area, and their web resembles a little sack or pocket that is found in corners both inside and out, as you see in the photo.

Funnel Weaver Spider:

Funnel Weaver Web
Funnel Weaver Web

This web is often found along the foundation of a home, near rubbish piles, in vegetation, etc., and can be very easily identified by the funnel shape.

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