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Spider Control Myth #1 – By Kirk Dean

The Great Spider Debate: Myths Busted and Reality Checked!

Hello Barrier Pest Control enthusiasts! I initially had plans to dive deep into ant control today, but guess what? An eight-legged intruder scuttling under my desk in our Nampa office inspired a change of heart (and plans!). Before you scroll down to see its glorious defeat captured in pixels, let’s unravel the intricacies of spider control.

Spider Activity: A Fall Tradition

Yes, as the soothing autumn breeze envelops Boise, a not-so-soothing event transpires indoors: an upswing in spider presence. But before you channel your inner superhero, leaping onto furniture with a passionate battle cry, let’s debunk a persistent myth and hand you the truth. Knowledge, after all, is your most potent weapon.

Spider Myth #1: Pesticides Don’t Work on Spiders

Now, who’s been spinning this web of fallacy? Because here’s the real deal: Pesticides, when applied judiciously, can be spider game-changers. Research by reputable institutions like Utah State and University of Idaho have been echoing our sentiment. Both inside and out, safe applications can knock these critters out on contact and offer lasting protection.

Barrier’s Tips and Tricks: Guard Your Castle

While Barrier Pest Control is here with its Quarterly Pest Control (QPC) service to shield your home from these crawlies, a few housekeeping measures could enhance the protection:

No More Webs: Be it with a sweep, a hose, or a blower, get rid of them.

Seal It Up: Close off all potential spider doorways. This means foundation cracks, unscreened doors or windows, and unsealed gaps.

Declutter Outdoors: Piles of wood or construction materials? Move them farther from the house.

Stay Clean and Sparkling: A good vacuum, dust, and sweep routine keeps many pests at bay.

Lights Off: Too much light at night can be an insect magnet. And guess who loves insects? Dial it down or switch to yellow bulbs, which are less attractive to bugs.

Neat Vegetation: Keep your greenery trim at least a foot away from the walls. Regular lawn mowing doesn’t just add to the aesthetics but deters crawlies, too.

Why Choose Barrier?

You might wonder, why Barrier? Because we don’t just provide a service; we foster a relationship. Our commitment to excellence isn’t just corporate-speak. It’s a genuine promise to be there for you. From ensuring punctuality to our meticulous, clean, and safe service, we ensure we live up to our standards daily.

We’ve got your back for those worried about spiders making a home out of your garage. Consider an inside treatment at least once a year, preferably during fall. And the cherry on top? Should you feel the need for a retreatment between the quarterly visits, it’s on the house!

The Spider Under My Desk

To wrap this up, let’s return to the spider from the beginning of our tale. Here’s its picture:


Not for educational purposes, but simply because every story needs a dramatic conclusion.

And remember, next time you spot a spider, don’t just hope for the best. Call Barrier, and we’ll handle the rest!


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