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September Flies

Why are Flies worse in September than any other month?

Have you noticed that there is an increase in the amount of flies buzzing around Idaho in 2020? At Barrier Pest Control we’ve noticed a definite uptick in the amount of customers calling about flies. Fly season begins in early summer but then builds to a crescendo in September. In fact, the month of September in Idaho marks the grand finale of Fly season. Why is September the worst month for flies and not July?

Barrier Pest Control has been serving the treasure valley for 15 years now. Only the last 3 years have we included fly control as part of our service menu. Here’s what we’ve noticed in all our years: flies suck! And if you hate flies as much as we do then September sucks as well. So why is September worse than July? Temperatures are more friendly to flies in July yet September has the most. The answer lies in a flies’ life and breeding cycles. They don’t thrive in cold temperatures but in warm to hot temperatures. The winter kills off a lot of the fly population in the winter and they eventually go dormant in cracks and crevices to survive. So if a fly survives until early summer, it can then resume normal fly behavior of flying around and irritating the heck out of residents of Boise and surrounding areas.

So all season long they’ve been living their best life in the great outdoors and breeding like crazy. Here’s what I’ve been trying to get to in this blog. The hotter it is, the more food sources there are and more breeding and more of the brood survives. A new generation of flies are born every two weeks and each brood is more than the last. When you finally approach ideal temperatures in May, the fly populations grow from month to month until the first freezes in early October. If summer never ended then the fly populations would keep growing indefinitely. Yay for fall and cooler temperatures!

What hasn’t helped in 2020 is that we had a mild winter and even milder Spring. We had fewer late spring frosts, so flies had an extra few weeks to get breeding. If you have a fly problem and are in need of high quality pest control solutions, we encourage you to contact our office.

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