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Saying Goodbye

I’ve worked at Barrier Pest Control for 5 1/2 years. During that time it’s become a second home and the employees have become family. Saying goodbye is going to be a difficult thing for me. At one time I thought I’d be here forever. I couldn’t even comprehend quitting. But as we all know, life changes and evolves and sometimes we find ourselves in places we didn’t foresee. That’s where I am now.

When I first started working for Barrier, Marie and I sat in an office the size of a postage stamp together. Taking calls here and there, and developing a forever friendship. Now we’re in a different location with our own offices and we’ve tripled in office staff. One of the things I remember most about Barrier was the consistent actions to please our customers. Our owners bent over backwards to please our customers and by extension, so did we.

It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come since then. We’ve undergone a lot of changes but pleasing customers is not one of them. That has stayed consistent. And I’m certain it’s because this company doesn’t just say it will please customers but they put those words into action every day! Not only are we growing and our customer’s love us but we’re growing BECAUSE our customers love us. Many of our customers have hired us after a friend or family member has referred them to us. That says something about Barrier.

Barrier Pest Control is the product of owners with integrity. I can honestly say I’m more impressed by the owners of this company than any other owners/management of any company I’ve worked for in the past. And that’s saying a lot since I’m old and have worked my entire adult life. They are honest, generous and try to do the right thing. I’ve seen them go out of their way to do what’s right even though it won’t benefit them at all. That’s the kind of employer I want to work for. And tell me it’s not the kind of company you want to hire.

  1. I’ll miss our amazing customers. I’ll miss “being” the billing department. I kind of consider it “my baby”. I love what I do and I’ve grown attached to many of our customers!
  2. I’ll miss the hilarious calls we get (like the lady who thought we were “Bury a Pet”, instead of Barrier Pest. – We were both laughing after that confusing exchange.)
  3. I’ll miss making fun videos (“Barrier’s The Office Spoof” was my favorite. Check it out on YouTube! )
  4. I’ll miss seeing these awesome people everyday. The owners and employees aren’t just my friends, they’re my family. Thanks, Barrier Pest Control. You’ve been a blessing I’ll never forget!

–  by Trina

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