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Protecting Yourself Against Stinging Insects

Wasp Nest

You may have noticed that wasps are building and rebuilding nests like crazy. They build wherever they can. Under the eves, in the attic, under your siding, in the dog house, in a tree or bush, or even underground. If you’re having a problem with wasps it’s very possible that you have a nearby nest. Once the nest is located we’d suggest having it removed. The hope is that once their home is gone they’ll move on.

Sometimes the nest isn’t on your property though! It’s stinky when Old-Man-Chester next door is unwilling to take care of the 39 wasps nests on his home because he “doesn’t want to kill the bees”. His wasps are very possibly coming over for an unwelcome visit. There are a couple things you can do to make your home less attractive. First, keep food and drink items cleaned up. We all want to BBQ or picnic outside while the weather is nice. But clean up the food items and spills as soon as possible. Flying-stinging little creatures like proteins and sugars so keeping items covered in airtight containers can help. Remember that tidbit when you’re drinking a can of soda. No one wants a wasp stinging the inside of their mouth or throat!

Another thing to help protect yourself from stinging insects is to wear shoes when walking outside and covering up with long sleeves and pants. That may not be as fun or comfortable as shorts and a tank but a wasp sting isn’t fun or comfortable either.

If you have wasp nests on your home or property call Barrier Pest Control! We would be happy to take care of them for you! And because we’re conscientious of honey bees you can assure Old-Man-Chester that we won’t harm them.

Written by Tami at Barrier Pest Control
CC image by Bob Peterson at Flickr

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