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We are often asked if our general pest control treatments are safe for the family pet. After all, a recent study found that more than half of Idaho households own at least one dog. We can assure you, we take our furry friends into consideration when choosing the right treatments for our customers.

None the less, there are still concerns and precautions taken any time there are pets in the home whether inside or out. Let’s look at a few:


Our technicians love dogs! Most of them have one or more of their own so we know how important these 4 legged family members are! When possible we place bait stations in areas of the home where they can’t be accessed by your dog.  Since this isn’t always possible we use bait stations that are tamper resistant. If they do, manage to chew through a bait station, have no fear! Your dog/puppy would need to consume quite a large amount before any ill effects would take place.


A common cat question we hear is, if the cat decides to dine on a dead mouse who had consumed the bait, will it make him sick? The answer is undoubtedly no. Your feline friend would, much like the dog, need to consume a plethora of mice in a short time to be a concern. Mice nibble on such a small amount, that the poison content wouldn’t nearly be enough to effect a cat of any size.


Inside birds such as parrots, parakeets & cockatiels- Many homes within the Treasure Valley including Boise, are avid bird lovers. We do take special precaution when treating inside a home that has pet birds. We simply cover the cage with a blanket or place them in a room that will not be treated. Similar with fish & fish tanks. We would also cover the tank or simply avoid spraying above the tank area to keep your fish friends swimming happily!


We do avoid granulating when there are free range chickens. These little feathered eyeballs are keen at detecting any small looking “grains” and will happily consume what they think is feed left out by some generous human.


As you can see, everyone at Barrier Pest Control is trained and knowledgable about how, where and when to apply the safest applications. And we take great pride in making sure you and your pets are safe!

Blog courtesy of Marie of Barrier Pest Control

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