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Pavement Ant Swarm – By Kirk Dean

Understanding Pavement Ant Swarms in the Boise Area

Spring has sprung in Boise, and with it comes an annual ritual that gets everyone buzzing: the pavement ant swarm. If you’ve witnessed it, you know how intriguing (and a tad unnerving) this spectacle can be. At Barrier Pest Control, we’re here to illuminate the subject and provide the best solutions to manage this swarm. Here’s a detailed insight into the event:

Hundreds of Pavement Ants can be visible in a swarm

Pavement Ants 101: The Basics

Every spring, like clockwork, we brace ourselves for the calls we know are coming. Our wonderful Boise residents get alarmed thinking they’re facing a Carpenter Ant or Termite invasion. But rest easy; what you’re most likely witnessing is the annual Pavement Ant mating dance.

Pavement Ant Swarms Aren’t Forever: These swarms are typically short-lived, generally lasting a week or two. It’s all about the circle of life.

It’s All About Love: Similar to bees, winged reproductive ants (both males and females) gather to breed. Once the deed is done, females fly off to start a new colony, while males, having played their part, pass away.

Not Hungry, Just Passionate: The ants in these swarms are more interested in romance than snacking. So, while bait treatments might not be effective, other targeted treatments certainly are.

Close-up of Pavement Ant swarm

Addressing the Concerns

So, no, your house isn’t under siege from Carpenter Ants or Termites. We can assure you that if you need to manage a Pavement Ant swarm, we’ve got your back.

The Ideal Solution: Quarterly Pest Control

While the Pavement Ant swarms might be temporary, we recommend a proactive approach. Our Quarterly Pest Control (QPC) service is designed to ensure year-round protection. Should you encounter any issues between our scheduled visits, just ring us up! We’ll handle it for free.

So, before you get lost in DIY remedies, remember nothing beats professional expertise. And that’s precisely what we bring to the table.

Ready to be swarm-free and at ease? Give us a call @ (208)463-4533 and experience the Barrier difference.

Winged Pavement Ant


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