Ant Swarm!

Springtime Pavement Ant swarms in the Boise area are common, and can be taken care of by simple pest control methods.

Lately we’ve been getting alarmed calls from customers:  Do I have Carpenter Ants?  Do I have Termites?  Are they going to eat my walls?  How can I get rid of cellulite?  Oh, wait, that last one was my question….

This time of year almost like clockwork we know that these calls are coming, because every year in the Boise area, pavement ants begin their reproductive behaviors and swarm.

Hundreds of Pavement Ants can be visible in a swarm

Close-up of Pavement Ant swarm

Much like a Bee Swarm, winged reproductive ants (both male and female) go to a certain area and, well, breed.  Mated females fly off to start a new colony elsewhere, and males who have mated, die having fulfilled their purpose.

Winged Pavement Ant

These swarms do not last long, a week or two typically.  Pest control are effective and simple:  But limited to residual or contact sprays, as baits are not viable as the ants aren’t interested in eating, but, um, copulating.

So the answer is no, you don’t have Carpenter Ants or Termites, and no, they aren’t going to eat your walls.  You may have cellulite though, and if you have a good answer to that question that doesn’t require surgery or exercising let me know.  If pest control measures are needed on these ants, give us a call, we’d be happy to treat or answer any questions you might have.