What do wasps do in the winter time? That’s a great question!
One of our technicians took this photo the little bit ago:

As you can see, the nest is no longer active. Interestingly enough, the wasps don’t necessarily die off because of the cold, but because there is no food to eat.

So worker Paper Wasps, like the ones that built the picture above, die off every year when the winter. The only paper wasps that survive the winter are sexually mated females, who will begin a new nest in the spring. They hibernate wherever they can, in warm places sheltered from wind, and the weather.
When springtime temperatures rise to create food opportunities, overwintering queens come out and begin their papier-mâché like nest.
That’s why we feel that an important part to controlling pests year round is a winter service. Here at Barrier, we subscribe to the belief that regular, consistent service throughout the year provide individuals the best opportunity for having a pest free structure. Our quarterly pest control program is just the ticket!