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Nature Has its Place Outside of the Home

I have had the privilege of not only raising up my own children, but also working with children for many years. I always loved teaching about nature and the living world around us. One thing in particular was insects. There are so many bugs around us in our day to day life that are fascinating to watch and learn about.

spider webFor instance, one of my very favorites to have children gather around are ants. The first thing children will usually notice is the ant hill. That crazy little mountain of sand that looks like a tiny version of Mount St. Helen’s ( yet another learning opportunity!) Upon gathering around the ant hill, children immediately notice the ants going in and out of the opening. I’d point out that those traveling back down the hole are carrying food supplies. Often times, particles of food that are half their size, demonstrating the incredible strength they have! And those ants, coming out and venturing into the great outdoors, seem to know exactly where to find the food. I explain that those ants are “smelling” their map to the food source. “What do you mean?”, they ask. I proceed to explain to them that the ants that located food before them, left a trail for the other ants. A Smell-map, I call it. Glad they haven’t found our food!! Fascinated, the children and I moved on to our next nature ant

I point to the corner of the garage where a spider web is delicately woven to perfection. I’d say the majority of people, including children, are frightened by spiders. But, once you take the time to watch how they work, it’s quite a masterpiece of ingenuity. As I show the children the intricate lines in the web, a careless fly darts directly into it, and tries relentlessly to unstick itself, of course without success. In fact, the movements awaken the spider and it rushes out, bites the fly and begins to wrap it up for later. “Glad I’m not the fly”, says one little boy.. I couldn’t have agreed more! A spider bite would be awful!

Our next adventure lead us directly to a wasp nest right around the corner. Although wasps may help with pollinating we just can’t come up with reasons why we want to continue watching them buzz to and from the nest! wasp pest controlEveryone is well aware the dangers that loitering around a wasp nest may have, and none of us want to risk getting stung! In fact, it was quite unanimous that this particular nest needed to go!

Although nature has its place outside of the home, some pests are better off being far away as possible! And certainly not inside the home! Homeowners can help reduce pest populations by simply trimming bushes and keeping landscaping clean and maintained. When it comes to your home, Barrier Pest Control is the number one company to call in the Boise and surrounding areas. Call them today at 208-463-4533, for your free quote, so they can keep your little ones safe from unwanted pests!

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