Mud Daubers and pest control are so exciting and so much fun! Almost as exciting and fun as anticipating the next Star Wars 7 trailer, right?
It’s been about a week since I blogged, and I know the excitement of my blogs doesn’t match your interest in the next Star Wars, but here we go anyway.

As per usual, I found this mud dauber nest near doorway. Obviously, nests are made out of mud and they attach to flat surfaces in protected areas. These stinging insects feed on spiders and other insects. They are solitary wasps, with no worker caste. Queen Mud Daubers must care for their own young.

Essentially nonaggressive,  Mud Daubers  rarely sting humans. They’re actually considered beneficial insects, but as many homeowners in the Boise area have discovered, their nests are next to impossible to get off your siding.

Regular pest control treatments are a must to prevent these insects from forming nests on your house.