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Is pest control safe for dogs and cats? By Kirk Dean

Is Pest Control Safe for Dogs and Cats?

Safety First!

Hey there, dear reader! Lately, I’ve been catching wind of a common concern: “Is pest control safe for our furry family members?” As someone with kids, grandkids, a wonderful wife, and several loyal four-legged family members, safety is at the top of my list. And here at Barrier, we’re dedicated to ensuring that you receive top-notch, safe, and reliable pest control. Let’s dive in!

The Evolution of Pest Control

Innovations in the Industry

Like how we’ve gone from rotary phones to smartphones, the pest control industry isn’t stuck in the past; products and treatment methods have evolved exponentially, becoming more refined and safer over the last couple of decades. It’s almost like comparing an old family photo to a 4K image. The difference is clear!

Regulation & Rigorous Testing

We’re not out here going rogue with our methods. Every product we use is heavily scrutinized and approved by the big folks at the EPA. They ensure every tool in our arsenal is up to the mark and safe for use.

Our Trained Technicians

A knight is only as good as his sword, and our technicians are the knights of Barrier Pest Control. They’re trained, professional, and never, ever cut corners. They’re like the superheroes of pest control, minus the capes!

In Conclusion: Safe, Secure, and Pest-Free

It’s simple. We’re making your homes safe and pest-free while ensuring everyone remains unharmed, including your furry friends. We combine the best products, training, and commitment to bring you services you’ll want to return to year after year.

Join us, won’t you? At Barrier, we believe in a world where you can have the peace of mind of a pest-free home without any compromises.

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