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How to Deal With Pavement Ants


The Nitty-Gritty on Pavement Ants: Barrier Pest Control’s Guide

Hello, dear readers! Remember the era of perms for dudes and the sheer audacity of fanny packs? Ah, the ’80s. A time of questionable fashion choices. But while most of us have left those behind, there’s one pesky problem from the past that’s still with us—Pavement Ants. And no, unlike those neon leg warmers, they never became a nostalgic hit.

Understanding Pavement Ants

Appearance and Habitat:

Common in Treasure Valley, Pavement ants aren’t your fashion-forward ants sporting the latest ant attire. These tiny critters, sporting a black/brown ensemble, are fond of settling around pavement cracks, beneath rocks, and close to house foundations. And if you think they keep their party outdoors only, think again! They can set up an entire fiesta under your home’s flooring or within walls.

Social Life of the Pavement Ant:

The world of pavement ants is as intricate as a good ’80s soap opera. They’re social insects that belong to colonies. And just like a teen movie, they have their cliques or ‘castes.’ Here’s their deal:

  • Cohabitation: They’re big believers in communal living.
  • Division of Labor: With specific castes like worker ants, drones, and the queen ant.
  • Generational Coexistence: Generations co-exist, ensuring the colony thrives and survives.

While you may spot the worker ants going about their daily grind, remember that they’re just a fraction of the ant community. Most of their buddies are hidden away, maintaining their underground world.

Why Sprays Just Don’t Cut It

Picture this: Using a spider spray to combat your pavement ant problem. It’s like wearing ski boots to a beach party; it doesn’t fit. Standard sprays might show some results, but they barely scratch the surface in the grand scheme.

Ants and Their Superpower:

These tiny marvels can sense changes in their environment. When faced with repellent sprays, they quickly pick up on them, changing their routes and sometimes even splitting colonies. Instead of one problem, now you might have two!

Outsmarting Them: The Barrier Way

Now, if you’re feeling a tad disheartened, fret not! At Barrier Pest Control, we use an ant’s nature to our advantage.

Baiting is the New Black:

Using insecticidal bait is the name of the game. And to get started, we capitalize on their pheromone trail.

Ants communicate through pheromones, leaving little ‘road signs’ for their comrades. And honey? That’s like their version of the hottest nightclub in town. Put a drop on a business card, wait for the ants to take the bait, then switch the honey with our specialized bait. They return it to the party, sharing it with everyone, including the VIQ (Very Important Queen). Voilà! The ant issue is addressed from the core.

Ditch the Pest Fest:

With our QPC service, not only do we schedule four comprehensive treatments, but we also offer free retreatments in between, if needed. Trust us, by the end of our service period, ants will just be a thing of your past, like those skinny jeans you swore looked good.

As you wave goodbye to your ant issues, don’t forget to leave those fanny packs behind, too. Until next time, stay chic and ant-free!

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