My wife and I don’t like pests roaming the floors, or walls, of our home. I, like some of you, believed that I could take care of my own pest control needs. And I did for decades. I went to a local lawn and garden store and bought all the products I needed to exterminate spiders, earwigs, rolly pollies, mice, wasps, etc. I spent hundreds of dollars over the years. I was able to kill them on the spot, but I realized they came back soon after. I scoured for information about how to exterminate the pesky critters. But everything I tried worked very temporarily. Almost nothing worked for longer than a few weeks. Ants were always a pain! Especially sugar ants. I’d kill them but a couple of days later they were back in some other location. Anger!

Then one day a pest control rep came to the door. My first instinct was to excuse the young man, but we had just moved into our new home that had a tremendous amount of spiders and other pests. I patiently listed and learned a lot about the extermination of these pesky little critters. My wife loved that the spray is safe for the grandkids and our dog (especially the dog). By the end of our discussion I was ready – ready because I realized I could not get the job done on my own, but I could with help. An added bonus of the agreement (and a real selling point for me) was the warranty. If any critters show up after a treatment, I just call them and they come out free of charge! I like warranties!

I am a true believer of professional pest control and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Our home has been pest free and safe for the dog and grandchildren for 20 months. To put it in a husband’s words, “A happy wife, a happy life”.

By Chris Given